Research Topics

2017-2018 DoD Logistics Research Topics

A list of potential research areas for faculty & students to consider when selecting a research topic.  These were discussed during the 2017 Joint Logistics Faculty Development Workshop (JLFDW), and was created from senior DoD logistics leaders' inputs regarding those issues which we should have students and schools put efforts toward, in order to further our understanding of potential solutions and our body of knowledge.


2016-2017 Joint Logistics Enterprise (JLEnt) Potential Research Areas
A list of potential research areas for faculty & students to consider when selecting a research topic.  These were discussed during the 2016 Joint Logistics Faculty Development Workshop (JLFDW), and we concluded that senior DoD logistics leaders would be interested in having students and schools put effort toward furthering our knowledge in these lines of research.

FEMA Supply Chain Resilience Research Request
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Logistics Management Directorate is seeking researchers to better understand the public and private national supply chain and to identify vulnerabilities across and down the national transportation and fuel supply chains that affect disaster logistics responses.

2017 Special Operations Research Topics
The Joint Special Operations University's Special Operations Research Topics 2017 publication represents a list of SOF-related topics that are recommended for research by those who desire to provide insight and recommendations on issues and challenges facing the SOF enterprise.  Several of these have implications or aspects of interest to joint logisticians.

JPME Prospective Research Topic Database (PRTD)

The Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) Prospective Research Topic Database (PRTD) provides prospective research topics for students attending advanced military study programs and intermediate and senior service schools. The Joint Staff, J-7 solicits research topics from Combatant Commands, Supporting Commands, the Services, the Joint Staff, and Service Centers for Lessons Learned annually. These organizations submit research topics that pertain to current joint issues requiring innovative research and solutions.

DLA Topics
This is a list of topics compiled by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Chair to the Eisenhower School for consideration in AY 2015-16.

Air University Research

A core function of the Air University Integration Cell is to incentivize Air University research to tackle airpower and national challenges.


U.S. Army Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL)

For over a decade, the US Army War College has published the annual Key Strategic Issues List (KSIL) to inform students, faculty, and external research associates of strategic topics requiring research and analysis. 

Center for Naval Warfare Studies

The Center directly complements the curriculum at the Naval War College by providing a place for researching important professional issues which, in turn, inform and stimulate the faculty and students in the classroom.

DAU Center for Defense Acquisition Research

The fundamental purpose of Defense Acquisition University (DAU) research program is to improve acquisition processes and its management by analyzing defense acquisition policy. The result of the applied research program impacts DoD acquisition policy, process, education, management and functional areas.