Links by Joint Logistics Competency Area

Supply Chain Management:
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration (DASD(SCI))

- Establish strategic supply chain governance and reporting.
- Oversee integration of end-to-end global logistics and supply chain performance in partnership.

Life Cycle Systems Management:

Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition (ASD(A))

ASD(A) provides oversight and policy direction for the DoD's acquisition system, major defense acquisitions programs and space and intelligence acquisitions.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Materiel Readiness (MR) 

As the OSD proponent for life cycle product support:

Provide DoD decision makers with comprehensive, timely, relevant and actionable assessments that direct long-term, affordable materiel readiness.  

- Provide the DoD enterprise with policy, processes, guidance and tools that drive effective product support planning and execution at best value.

- Lead the cultural transformation necessary to deliver optimal life cycle product support.


Defense Industrial Base Optimization

Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manufacturing & Industrial Base Policy (MIBP)

The mission of the office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy (MIBP) is to ensure robust, secure, resilient, and innovative industrial capabilities upon which the Department of Defense (DoD) can rely to fulfill Warfighter requirements.